Silent Sword II

10/15/2015 § Leave a comment

A dark space reveals a figure chained to a galley bench. The figure is of a man dressed in rags, he has been shaved bald, and beaten. Only the noises of the creaking ship and from above of the other men rowing in time to the galley driver are heard.

Alone and in chains it was difficult for the man to see his next move. Chess masters think in terms of moves ahead. Sometimes, however, an opportunity presents itself…

Suddenly in a flash of lights and a bellow of temple trumpets a vision appeared before the man.

The Buddha of the Western Paradise appeared before the man flanked by peacocks and 4 dakinis, and seated on a lotus throne.

“SILENCE!” roared through out the bowels of the galley uttered by no one in particular. The man’s eyes bulged out witnessing this spectacle, his body strained against his chains.

The dakinis covered their mouths in laughter, their bare breasts jiggling in their mirth.

The Buddha peered down at the man. “Its ok, they know you’ve taken a vow.”

He then extended a finger and used it to lift the man’s chin.

“Yasuda chan, I’ve seen you in better straits.”

The Buddha then became stern, peered further into the man’s face, and whispered:

“Hamaguchi Yasuda, the bakufu shogunate is corrupt, and it is time for a change. The world is changing, but Japan has not. For the sake of Japan, for its people, I am going to change her karma. I am going to change your karma. You were a master swordsman, I hope for your sake you still are. Very soon, you will be released. You will immediately and without reserve take the sword up yet again and be my tool for that change.”
That’s it for now. More later.


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