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10/14/2015 § 1 Comment


I love samurai movies, the films of Akira Kurosawa are the best. Who can forget Toshiro Mifune‘s look of utter disgust upon the cowardly villagers after the first battle with the ronin in “The Seven Samurai”?

Besides Kurosawa’s classic filmography there have been hundreds of films produced by both Japanese and Western producers in the genre.

I’ve even managed to collect a few real katanas from Japanese (and Chinese) sword smiths, not the plastic kind you find in Japanese gift shops. The real ones range in price from a few hundred to 10’s of thousands of dollars. Mine are modest, but they are true folded and cold forged blades.

As a software engineer with all my attention concentrated on my work its difficult to express myself creatively. I’ve attempted to do it musically, especially with the guitar, but I’ve never been able to snap into that mode that says “I’m not expert, but I can express myself to my satisfaction.” Even after years of on and off practice I really can’t play. And I’ve tried really hard, but can’t quite seem to get to a level I’m satisfied with. The same goes for drawing, painting, song writing, and on and on. The only way I seem to be able to satisfy my thirst to create is by writing.

Finding myself with time on my hands, as I sometimes do, I turn to creative endeavours. My very latest attempt has been to write a samurai epic in the manner of Zatoichi, the blind master swordsman portrayed so brilliantly by Shintaro Katsu. Another style of tale-telling that is similar in vein to Zatoichi is the Lone Wolf and Cub manga series by Kazuo Koike. The manga was issued in 1970 and spawned a handful of films and a television series and was considered very influential in the genre.

In my next post I will “publish” the first chapter of my story, working title of “Silent Sword”, here on my blog, as I have no hope of ever getting it published by regular means. If there’s interest, I’ll post more. I won’t send out a tweet hailing the event, I figure this one will be enough. I already lost one follower by simply tweeting out about my last post about RoR and Rust. Constructive criticism always welcome.


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