Long Live Kim Deal; Kim Deal is Dead.

03/13/2015 § Leave a comment

Gods take all forms; but Rock Gods take only one.

Disciple disappointment in any form leads to chaos and abandonment. Just ask Kim Deal, pictured above.

While Charlie Thompson plays pedal organ in Reykjavík, Kim frets about how to keep vodka out of her dressing room during their tour stop in Los Angeles.

Modern rock’s most influential band; the Pixies, made a documentary released in 2006 called loudQUIETloud; and this documentary is one of the most revealing stories about one women’s descent into drug abuse in the rock world since Janis Joplin.

In general, during the entire film, Charlie, Joey Santiago, and David Lovering seem to be interested in to further success and dollars of the film. Even Lovering speaking about his misguided interest in his worthless magic career brings a bit of freshness to his eyes.

But interspersed throughout THAT interview we see blurry scenes of Deal in a hospital gown or some such. Throughout the film its clear that Deal has been ‘dealing’ with addiction problems of one kind or another, yet her colleagues appear to have been able to make lives that the rest of us strive to.


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