Goodbye Gnome!

04/07/2012 § Leave a comment

Well, its not really good bye, but I will be saying good bye to GTKMM, and to Gnome as my main desktop. I’m switching to Xcfe as my desktop and as my Linux GUI development platform. Its not much of a switch, Xcfe depends on GTK+ and DBus and whatnot, hardly a complete 180.

My little experiment of attempting to pull out the current GTKMM 3.0 infrastructure and replace it with the stable 3.3 stuff didn’t work. It wasn’t a complete disaster, but as I wrote to fellow GTKMM mail list member ‘Phil’, replacing gdm-pixmap (a dependency of Gtk+) current with stable resulted in a broken DBus area, specifically whatever deals with updating the status of the trash. After I recompiled ALL the stuff leading up this pixmap library, and after I compiled and installed IT, I re-booted and logged back into my desktop, the familiar trash icon was replaced with a ‘red x’, meaning it was broken. Not only was the status icon busted, I couldn’t access the trash directory from the desktop.

I thought about carrying on, but not having access to the trash directory was a problem, it meant I had to shell out every time I wanted to recover something, and I wasn’t even exactly sure where it was in the file system. Forget that. Experiment over. It was a failure.

Out of the ashes of failure raises a new bird; not all is lost. Seems that Xfce has its own version of Gtkmm, XFC. Looks like a winner. The only thing I need to do is install it, and perhaps write a project wizard for Anjuta. That will be easy, and I’ll look forward to it. That will give me an easy and useful project I can contribute to the community lickity split. I still need to re-install Mint/Xcfe on that machine. Might as well get to it.


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