The Tale of the Macbook Pro Continues

03/27/2012 § Leave a comment

Yes, the price is so unbelievable its so high.

I got a job working on a web sight leveraging .NET technology so I really wanted to get my Macbook Pro working. Hoping the power supply problem was some temporary state of wackiness and not really looking forward to trying to add features to a C#-powered .NET/IIS website using Mono, or running a Windows 7 virtual machine on my under-powered netbook, I said a small prayer to Alan Turing, and fired up the Macbook Pro. HOT DAWG! The machine roared (or actually more like “blinged”) right up!

I guess the hardware deserves more credit than I’d given it. Obviously the confused state of the power supply had settled in the odd-month or so I had it powered off and the only problem I had was accessing my gmail account. Seems ssl certs really like the client machine to have its clock set correctly. Being powered off for so long allowed all power to drain from the machine (probably the critical factor in getting the p/s reset) set the clock back to the year zero, which apparently is January 2001 for the Mac. Did a quick update, as Microsoft is so fond of pushing out updates just about as often as your typical Linux distro, and viola! I was back online with Windows 7, 64 bit with that awesome 2.2 GHz dual core i5 processor. Thank you very much Steve, you magnificent stallion. This does nothing to restore my faith in Apple hardware or software, btw. My next machine will still be that 1.7 GHz i7 netbook, if I can find it when I get ready to buy it. Or something comparable.

Mono is an interesting .NET runtime layer for Linux btw, it seems to work fairly well. The only hitch I’ve seen so far is one example program I typed in to see it work did a measure of its processing speed employing the .NET Stopwatch object. That object was not available to the Mono package for Ubuntu, which should be the latest port. No big deal, I simply commented out the relevant code and the rest of the program ran like a champ. I then downloaded an ip-based utility written for Mono and that ran great as well. I got curious about how that code would run on a windows machine, but I haven’t tested it, the Mac was still out of commission at that time. Now I can test it!


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