Enough With Gnome!

03/13/2012 § Leave a comment


Believe it or not, I’m really tired of grousing about Gnome. Or Gnome 3, to be specific. In earlier episodes of my whining (and it wasn’t my intent to write a complaint blog) I’ve gone at length about my dual head set up, how important it was to me to be just so, and blah and blah…

I thought I had it fixed by simply switching to Mint, and then that turned out to be a bust after another update. Well I never fixed it completly, settling for a dual mode set up that left the apps & system menu on my net book. Well it simply wasn’t what I wanted so I went ahead and made the switch to Xfce.

It was relatively painless, I simply flipped on the on the Xfce packages in Synaptic & let’r rip. (I’ve tried using that other package manager thing but its slow (I blame python) and you can only select one package at a time. What is that?) I selected everything I thought I would need for Xfce, like Thunar, and any other related libs. I also read that most apps would probably be compatible with Xfce as well, even gsettings had an Xfce-specifc lib. After downloading the nessessary components I logged out, logged back in, and had a GUI that was completely recognizable. And y’know what else? The desktop was much more responsive. This counts on an underpowered netbook.


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